6 reasons to hire a real estate lawyer in NC

No matter whether you are renting a property or buying a home, handling a real estate transaction could be a tough challenge. Understanding your rights and obligations can be quite hard, which is precisely why you need an attorney. Even when the transaction seems like a fair one and the other party appears transparent, you should consult an expert to get the help you deserve. Below are six reasons to hire a real estate lawyer.

  1. Contracts: Drafting and reviewing a real estate contract takes considerable work, and even when a deal falls through, you should be away from trouble. More often than not, buyers and sellers neglect the contract and don’t always read between the lines. Get an attorney if you are unsure whether you are signing a legally-binding and well-drafted real estate contract
  2. Deeds: A deed is probably the most critical component of buying real estate, and people often are unsure how to read the description or ensure that the documentation is done right. A lawyer can help you draft the deed and check every aspect before you sign.
  3. Dealing with Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs): Hiring an attorney becomes even more essential when you are at loggerheads with your HOA. As a resident, you have certain rights, and therefore, the HOA cannot charge you for certain things or stop you from redesigning your home. Make sure to call a real estate lawyer when troubles start
  4. Leases: As a tenant, the lease is as important to you as a contract is to a buyer. Call a lawyer if you don’t understand your rights when signing the lease. The truth is landlords often violate the terms of the lease, and tenants are unsure of how they can exercise their rights. Commercial leases are even more complex.
  5. Title Litigation: While you would never want to go to court for a real estate matter, title litigation is often unavoidable in some cases. Just knowing the laws is not enough – You need an experienced advocate who can represent you in court and fight for your rights.
  6. Title Searches: Before you sign a real-estate contract and invest in a property, you have to make time for a title search. This can be complicated and often hard to comprehend. Get an attorney for title searches, and if you are a seller, you can seek help to clear confusion about a title and complete the sale smoothly.

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