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Alexa Open Pikachu Talk – How to Enable Pikachu on Your Echo

The Pokemon Company is getting in on the voice marketing action with the release of its Alexa Open Pikachu Talk skill, which lets users interact with the popular Pokémon character by simply talking to it. The skill follows in the footsteps of celebrity voice marketing, and is the latest example of how brands can use the power of zero user interface to reach consumers. Voice interaction has been used in everything from video game integration to cocktail recipes. However, Pikachu’s response ranges from “Pikaaa” to “Pikaaaaaaaaaaa” and can be a little frustrating if you’re an adult. Click Here login99bet

The Pikachu Talk service was previously exclusive to Japan, but has since been made available to western territories. The application is compatible with most smart speakers powered by Google Assistant. To enable Pikachu Talk on your Echo, follow the instructions below. Once enabled, you can use the app to talk to Pikachu or other Pikachu Talk applications. The application can also be used with other devices. The Pikachu Talk app is free in Japan and may take until 2018 for overseas use. Read More About:  rizonbayview

Pikachu Talk is available on both the Google Home and Amazon Echo speakers. The app was originally released in Japan, and coincided with Pokemon Day there. If you don’t want to deal with the English language, you can also use the Pikachu skill to request a particular Pokémon or use Thunderbolt to perform a special action. Depending on your preferences, Pikachu can also play music, tell a funny story, or sing “Happy Birthday.” Latest Website  naukri24pk

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