Do You Prefer to Watch NFL Or College Football?

The answer to the question “Do you prefer to watch NFL or college football?” can vary depending on where you live and what team you like to root for. One survey, conducted in January 2020, indicated that 13 percent of American fans preferred college football to the NFL. This is despite the fact that college football has many more fans and generates more revenue for the NFL than major college football does. Last year, the NFL made $16 billion in revenue.

There are many reasons why college football is more exciting than the NFL. For example, college football is more exciting because of the players. Often, college football players are better athletes than their professional counterparts, and the stadium experience is unmatched. But for those who enjoy a competitive atmosphere, the NFL offers the best athletes in the world playing at peak physical ability. However, for many, college football is a better choice for a weekend afternoon, while NFL games are better for a family outing.

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College football fans love their teams. A team’s fans are as passionate as the players. The roar of fans at a touchdown reflects the team’s passion. A survey of 100 college and university students showed that 58% of respondents preferred college football over the NFL. Only 12% of respondents said they had no preference. However, despite the lack of fanaticism, football is fun and can satisfy your sports addiction.

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