Does Every College Football Team Go to a Bowl?

The answer to the question, “Does every college football team go to a bowl” is a resounding “yes.” All but one of the 83 teams that play in college football qualify for a bowl game. Hawai’i is the only team that does not. Its record is 6-7, but it is still eligible for a bowl game. The other three teams that play in the postseason are Cal, USC and UCLA. If one of those three teams loses tonight, it could drop out. But if one of those teams loses, the other two could move forward.

While every team wants to be a part of a bowl game, not all do. Bowl eligibility is granted to teams with a ‘.500’ record or better, which almost always means six or more wins. Those teams can apply for a waiver if their records fall short of six wins. These teams receive eligibility based on their Academic Progress Rate scores, and if they don’t meet these requirements, they will likely be denied the right to play in a bowl.

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Each conference makes decisions based on a variety of criteria. The Big Ten and ACC pool bids are based on conference affiliations and the number of teams in each league. If Notre Dame has the right record, it may be able to make its way into the ACC order. Independents also get special treatment. Teams are given a chance to win a game in a bowl game if their conference champions have not advanced to the semifinals.

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