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Fashion Designer Salary

Fashion designer salaries are not the same in every state. They vary widely and are based on accumulated data from all states and regions. These figures represent medians and averages for workers with varying levels of experience and education. Similarly, these figures are not representative of starting salaries or conditions in specific locations. In addition, they may not reflect the highest salaries for all designers. To determine the average salary for fashion designers, it’s best to research salary figures in your area.

Many people who want to become fashion designers start working as non-design jobs. Some start by working in a production environment, making coffee or answering phones. Other designers work as assistants to a fashion designer or another person. Eventually, with a little experience and dedication, they can move up the ladder. The ease of employment largely depends on the type of fashion industry. For instance, it’s much easier to find a job designing running shoes than high-end apparel.

A fashion designer’s salary can range anywhere from $38,570 to $146,300 a year. The average annual salary for this job range is $77,450, with lower-paid fashion designers earning less than half that amount. However, the highest paid fashion designers make more than six-figure salaries. And, as the fashion industry continues to evolve, their salary can also increase. This is because the job market is expected to grow by 2.5% in the next few years.

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