How Can Certain Athletes Play College Football For 6 Years?

How do certain athletes get to play college football for 6 years? There is no public record of the number of athletes who get to continue playing after graduation, but injuries can prolong a player’s career. Towson’s Isaiah Starr, for example, played all of his 2012 season before tearing a pectoral muscle. He missed nine games and then suffered ACL tears in the run-up to his 2014 season. tinyzonetv

Generally, the NCAA allows student-athletes to continue competing after graduation for five years, or for six years if they are returning to a team. Athletes can play for four years in a row, and they can play at the D2 level for up to 6 years. However, athletes lose eligibility after one year of competition, so if an athlete graduates in May of 2018 but plays for a half year later, they will lose eligibility. anonig

The NCAA has proposed two rule changes to address this issue. One of them allows athletes to sign autographs for money, but the rules also require them to disclose these deals to their school. The NCAA would probably rely on a third-party administrator to oversee these disclosures and monitor for irregularities. However, the NCAA has not clarified what kinds of penalties would result if athletes were caught violating the rules makeeover

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