Twitter Introduces Ticketed Spaces

Twitter has unveiled a new monetization feature for Spaces that allows creators to charge their followers for access to exclusive live events. Ticketed Spaces will allow users to pay up to $999 for audio experiences, and creators can limit the number of tickets they sell masstamilan.

Ticketed Spaces will initially be available to US iOS users and broadcasters on Android, but it will eventually roll out to all Twitter Spaces. This feature is part of Twitter’s broader push to monetize Spaces, which has already introduced features such as Super Follows and a dashboard for creators to monitor their earnings from Ticketed Spaces myvuhub.

A Ticketed Space is like a normal Twitter Space, except that instead of posting content, hosts can offer tickets for an exclusive experience, from a podcast to a live training session or AMA. The experience can be as simple or as complex as the creator wants it to be, and attendees will get a notification when they can buy a ticket for a particular Space.

In August last year, Twitter started offering Ticketed Spaces to select iOS users, but it now plans to make the feature available to all US iOS and Android users as well. This is an important move for the platform, since Clubhouse and Instagram haven’t offered a similar way to sell tickets in Spaces teachertn.

The Ticketed Spaces feature is a relatively simple one, and it’s easy to set up and launch. Once you’ve created a Space and set your ticket price, users will be able to buy tickets through your Twitter profile or via a link sent through a direct message. The host will earn 97% of their revenue, and Twitter takes a 3% cut of the total revenue pagalsongs.

While Ticketed Spaces is still a new monetization feature for Spaces, it’s a good step in the right direction to boost its bottom line. However, it’s also something that Twitter has yet to see a significant return on investment from.

Sensor Tower, a data firm that tracks mobile spending, estimates Twitter earned about $6,000 in U.S. consumer spending from Ticketed Spaces during the first two weeks of September, which isn’t a huge number in comparison to overall mobile spending on Twitter. That’s a pretty small percentage of the total, and it would seem that Ticketed Spaces aren’t quite ready for prime time.

A new tab for finding Spaces has been rolled out to Twitter’s app, and it makes it easier to discover and follow Spaces that are happening in real time. The tab will show active Spaces with more details, including the Space names, hosts and people you know who are participating yareel.

It will also show you when Spaces are about to start so you’ll be notified, and it will give you the ability to give feedback on Spaces that you’d like to see more of. Twitter has said it hopes this feature will help Spaces become a more central part of the platform.

As for how to monetize Spaces, you can choose to sell tickets directly through the Twitter app or use a third-party service. For the latter, the company recommends using Stripe. Its platform will handle payments and transfer them to your account, and you’ll also earn up to 97% of the revenue after fees are deducted from Apple and Google.

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