Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Not very long ago, there were just a few simple inquiries while shopping for an engagement ring: Which one would you like, a princess or an emerald? Gold in white or gold in yellow? Buying a wedding ring has become far more complicated than it once was.

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Select the Form That Best Suits Your Needs

You may save a lot of time and energy searching for the perfect engagement ring if you already know what shape diamond your loved one prefers. Diamonds of varying shapes and cuts are valued at different amounts per carat. It’s more pricey for a round cut than for a pear or marquise. If carat weight is your primary concern, you can save money using a non-round diamond shape instead of the standard round cut. Research the many ring-cuts types and have a preference or two in mind before venturing out to buy an engagement ring superstep.

Pick a metal for the band.

Rose gold is a new, trendy alternative to the traditional yellow gold, white gold, silver, and platinum used to make engagement rings and wedding bands. Platinum and silver may have similar appearances; platinum is far more costly because of its higher density (and rarer). Thinking about your lifestyle and budget before settling on metal is essential, as certain metals scratch more quickly than others. To add to the planning, consider whether or not you want stones put in the band(s).

Accurately Measuring Yourself

Though it may seem apparent, ensure you and your partner get your ring fingers measured. You should avoid having a ring that is either too tight and prevents blood from flowing to your fingers or too loose and may cause you to lose the piece of jewellery. It has to be close but not uncomfortable. If you and your partner aren’t quite ready to ring shopping together, you may each be sized at a jewellery store separately and then bring up your ring size the next time it comes up (or have your best friend inform your partner, so they’ll know the answer when they ask).

Think About the Wedding Band When Choosing an Engagement Ring.

While it’s tempting to get wrapped up in the search for the ideal diamond, remember that the ring itself is only half (or less than half if you’re going the ring stack route) of the equation. And yet, the second half of the symbolism of your marriage – the wedding band — is often ignored. It’s essential to give some thought to the design of a wedding band that will complement your ring. Before deciding on an engagement ring style, it is crucial to examine whether the band will fit flush against the ring and if the stones will be prong-set, pavé-set or channel-set.

Guaranteed Quality: Only Buy From Certified Vendors

Take your time and look wisely for a wedding ring since it will likely be one of your most significant financial investments. When you do locate the perfect engagement ring, it’s essential to acquire a certified stone from a reputable source.

Verify that Diamond’s Certificate Is Accurate

A jeweller’s loupe can reveal laser inscriptions on the girdle of most diamonds. As the author puts it, “many have inclusions so you can look at the diamond and see if you can match the defects to the map on the certificate, too.”

Don’t follow the crowd blindly.

The objective should be to locate the stone that is the right fit for your future wife or husband so that the ring may serve as a timeless, classic symbol of your love that will last forever. Take a look at the person’s existing jewellery to get an idea of the kind of jewellery they like and what might look good.

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