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What’s the Difference Between the Echo Dot 3rd and 4th Generations?

If you’re wondering what the difference between the third and fourth generation Echo Dots is, then you’ve come to the right place. While the new Dots are similar in most ways, the major differences between them are primarily design. The new generation is thicker and stands further from the wall. The 2020 Echo Dot also has a front-facing internal speaker. The differences between the three and four generations are not as substantial as the design, but they’re noticeable nonetheless.

The third generation Echo Dot is cheaper than its fourth-generation counterpart. It offers many of the same services and connectivity, but has an updated design. The fourth-generation Echo Dot has fewer mounting options and harder-to-reach hardware buttons. Both of them are comparable to the third generation in terms of audio quality. The older model is less expensive, but you’ll have to settle for a more versatile placement.

The third-generation Dot is bigger than its predecessor. It weighs slightly more and is made from aluminium, rather than plastic. The new version has a light strip on the top for Alexa, as well as four buttons for volume adjustment. Both do not have microphones for video calls, but they do have a line-level audio output. If you hook the Dot up to a stereo system, its audio quality is better. You shouldn’t have any trouble setting up the device, but you might have to reboot your router in order to use it. Sometimes, a software glitch prevents your Dot from working properly.

The third-generation Echo Dot has a white power cord and the fourth-generation model has a black power cord. The black and gray models cannot use the white power cord from the previous model. In addition, the white Dot doesn’t come with a rounded top. The fourth-generation Echo Dot has a semi-circular base on the back. The new Echo Dot is smaller than the 3rd generation but looks slightly better sccbuzz

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