Will Social Networks Ever Die?

The question of Will social networks ever die? is one that we should all be asking ourselves, especially in this day and age. These networks have changed the way people communicate, not just the individual level. They have become information intermediaries, political parties, and brands. They can either promote or damage a reputation, a product, or an idea. In short, they have changed the way we think. It is difficult to see how these networks can ever die.

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The social networks we love have become increasingly niche and specialized. However, even the most popular ones may be in danger of extinction. The success of these platforms is driven by egotism, which is difficult to manifest in private spaces. Even Facebook, which allows people to share their pictures and videos, may suffer from a culture of egotism. People want to show off on social networks. It’s no surprise that people want to be viewed by others.

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Besides Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are other platforms that have been replaced by messaging apps. Similarly, online communities function best when their boundaries are a little smaller. They’re built around specific interests, which go against Facebook’s general approach. In addition, the shutdown of Google Plus destroyed years of identity curation and trust in the platform. Therefore, the question of “Will social networks ever die?” should be reframed and rephrased.

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